We are really excited to be launching our next Alpha Course at Main Street.

Starting on Sunday 19th January running from 7-9pm.

Everyone is welcome! Come along and experience Alpha – its for those who have been in church for ages to those who are just investigating faith, this Alpha Course is for everyone.

Alpha covers subjects such as ‘Is there more to life than this?’, ‘Who is Jesus and why did he die?’, ‘Does God still heal today?’, ‘How does God guide us?’, and lots, lots more.

There will be tea, coffee and some light refreshments, an opportunity to hear excellent teaching from Alpha UK and a chance for great discussion with others.

Why not come along and give it a try. We would love to meet you.

No need to book, just turn up – but if you’d like more information, give us a call 01283 545301 or email

Can’t do an evening. Contact us and we’ll let you know when we’re running a daytime Alpha course.

If you are interested just come to the first evening, to see what it’s all about…