Core Team Blog 9th April

Keeping you up to date with what’s going on!

Matthew 7 v 7 talks about asking God. Our needs in this season of lockdown have changed dramatically. But our God who provides for our needs remains the same.

I have been reminded this week that God knows what we need. Even before we ask Him. But I have been challenged again to allow him to answer my prayers in the small as well as the big.

It was through a random delivery of bread that God spoke to me. Sue Garb had some bread which needed a home and so she posted on Facebook that she’d be happy to do a doorstep drop-off. I let her know that we had just run out of bread and, sure enough, the following morning received a text that the bread was on our doorstep. When I retrieved it, she had also blessed us with some cans of Pepsi. I’m not sure why. But what she didn’t know is that our son, back in February, had decided to give up coke for Lent, and so ever since he has been looking forward to Easter Sunday when he can treat himself to a can of Coke (or Pepsi – it doesn’t really matter). Through the random doorstep delivery of bread and Pepsi, God reminded me again that He knows exactly what we need. That He has our needs covered. And that He wants to bless us over and above.

It’s been a theme in our household through this season of lockdown that God has promised me we have all we need. Even down to the smallest detail (Education books that are suddenly coming in handy for home schooling, packets of seeds which we can sow in the garden, and my favourite – wood filler required to complete one of our many DIY projects, lurking in the abyss that is our garage!). God will give us all we need.

And I suspect that without our current state of lockdown, I would have completely missed these blessings. If going to Tesco was as easy now as it had been only a few weeks ago, whether I would miss God at work in the provision of the small.

I pray for each of us in this season that we notice the blessings of God in the small as well as the big. Maybe that’s something of what the Bible means when it talks about real riches? Maybe that’s one of the many ways we see God at work in our homes at the moment. And one of the ways he shows us his sovereignty?

If you do have need, whether it’s to talk with someone, or a more practical need, please do let us know. Sarah is at the office every morning and would love to hear from you!

Sarah is also able to help you to get to grips with ZOOM. It’s an app which can be used on your phone if you don’t have a tablet or laptop and it’s a great way to stay connected to people. It means you can be part of small group, prayer meetings and even Alpha!

We will be holding a ZOOM prayer meeting every Tuesday. And I know lots of small groups are also still meeting via Zoom. Please do get this facility if you possibly can – it’s easy to use and it means we can see each other!

Our Private Facebook page is also a great way to stay connected and keep up to date with prayer requests and Scott will also post the link to our Sunday service on there.