TCC Family Resource – Sunday 22nd March

In response to the latest Government advice, we have taken the decision to suspend our public gatherings this week, so below are a few thoughts to help us focus on God and the next instalment of The Art of Examen Series

Offer to help our neighbours…

Could we offer to help our local friends and neighbours? We have created a little card that you can print off and post through your neighbour’s front door.

For any of your neighbours that are vulnerable or are self-isolating due to COVID-19 we can help with:

• Picking up shopping/Urgent Supplies
• A friendly phone call
• Posting Mail
• Prayer requests

Please remember Coronavirus is highly contagious, so please take every precaution to ensure your are only spreading kindness. Please avoid all physical contact and leave items on their doorstep.

Download the PDF

We need to be praying…

The national church leaders are calling for a day of prayer on Sunday, and so we would encourage everyone to commit on Sunday to earnestly pray for this outbreak, for the implications and for our amazing God to reach into homes and lives.

This is the statement from Churches Together in England:

This Mothering Sunday, 22nd March, we are calling all churches to a National Day of Prayer and Action. At such a time as this, when so many are fearful and there is great uncertainty, we are reminded of our dependence on our loving Heavenly Father and the future that he holds.

At 7.00 pm this Sunday, light a candle in the windows of your homes as a visible symbol of the light of life, Jesus Christ, our source and hope in prayer.

Another In The Fire

This week I’ve been listening to Another In The Fire (Acoustic) – Hillsong UNITED. I love the main chorus which is:

There was another in the fireStanding next to me
There was another in the watersHolding back the seas

For me, this song reminded me again, that whatever our circumstances, just like Shadrach, Meshach, and Abednego in the fiery furnace or the Hebrews crossing the red sea, our amazing Father God is always with us…

Our response is always Worship…

It would be great to spend some time worshipping – find a creative way to focus on God or play some of the suggested songs below…

The Art of Examen

If you’ve not been with us for our Lent Series – The Art of Examen, we’ve been watching the 24:7 Prayer videos each Sunday and then taking some personal reflection and discussion time to think about what God is saying through each talk.

We are also taking time each day to meditate on the Examen Prayer…

If you can’t download the worksheet for any reason, here is the personal reflection below…

Personal Reflection

Take time today to simply sit at the feet of Jesus. Ask Him what He is wanting to teach you today and what He would have you discover about His Kingdom.

Perhaps, as you sit at His feet, ask Him what Heaven’s perspective is on some of the things you’ve faced today or this week – what would Heaven’s answer be to a particular problem that you might face?

Make a fresh commitment today to be a learner and not an expert. Take off the ‘Do Not Disturb’ sign and stick the ‘L plate’ in its place.

The Art of Examen Session 5 : Learning

If you are up to date you can download the work sheet below and watch the video here: