TCC Family Resource – Sunday 29th March

You Are Faithful by Ali Goodhead

I have had the song that our very own Ali Goodhead
wrote going over and over in my head since last week:

You are faithful in the turmoil
You are lovely, all the time
And my heart sings, of your goodness
You are with me, I am found

Our response is always Worship…

It would be great to spend some time worshipping – find a creative way to focus on God or play some of the suggested songs below…

The Art of Examen

If you’ve not been with us for our Lent Series – The Art of Examen, we’ve been watching the 24:7 Prayer videos each Sunday and then taking some personal reflection and discussion time to think about what God is saying through each talk.

We are also taking time each day to meditate on the Examen Prayer…

The Art of Examen Session 6 : Hospitality