Shorties – for children under one year old on Friday mornings at Immanuel Church, Hawthorn Crescent, Stapenhill, DE15 9QW at 10.30am – 12.00pm.

Shorties was started after Dawn, a member of TCC, had her son and met many mums and carers of babies who were keen to meet up but for whom the thought of joining a toddler group was just too scary – especially as their babies were too little to be able to fend off excited toddlers on a weekly basis.

Shorties is open to anyone who has, or cares for children under one year old. Come along and enjoy refreshments and chat to other parents and carers while the little ones enjoy the toys and playmats that we provide.

It takes place on a Friday morning at Immanuel Church, Hawthorn Crescent, Stapenhill, DE15 9QW at 10.30am – 12.00pm.

There is no charge to attend, although there is the opportunity (but absolutely no pressure) to leave a donation if you would like to. Any money received will be reinvested into Shorties.


My baby has an older sibling – can I bring them along?

Unfortunately because Shorties is specifically geared for babies it isn’t suitable for children over the age of one.

How much does it cost?

Shorties is free to attend. There is the opportunity to make a donation but there is no pressure to do this.

Who funds Shorties then?

The Community Church have recognised that there is a need in our community for something that provides support, friendship and encouragement for new parents and therefore they have provided the funds to set up and run Shorties. Members of the church volunteer each week to make it happen.

What happens at Shorties?

Essentially, Shorties is just a place where new mums/parents and carers can gather, chat and play with their babies. Occasionally we have a visitor – for example we have welcomed someone to train on Baby First Aid. Three times a year we also have a little party to celebrate the one year olds who will graduate and move on!